Playmates …Ninja Turtles Classics Rocksteady


Apologies in advance for photo quality here; I hadn’t quite figured out all the buttons on my digital camera at the time – that ‘flower’ button makes all the difference, let me tell ya!


He’s a cool figure, though it took me quite a few passes before deciding to get him when he was cheap (NZD 20), mostly because of his just being too small compared to the Leonardo I have from the same line. But he does come with two mean accessories: a big ol’ machine gun and a machete. Nice moulding, but no paint. Also, nowhere to store the machete. Nice grip though, in his hands.


And here we get a look at the head-sculpt, which is probably a love or hate for Turtles fans. I’ve never seen Rocksteady look like this, but then my Turtles experience is only Eastman and Laird comics and the old cartoon, so I’m only familiar with one incarnation (he was created for the TV show). I think it looks cool, more like a mean rhino mutant than a doofus goon. His helmet is removable so I blu-tak’d it down. Limited up and down on the head, but plenty of go-around.


People complain about the paints, which are also not like the cartoon. They are a bit similar to his skin tone, but I don’t mind them. Very nice arm articulation. The bandana around his bicep is a separate piece, with a depression moulded into the arm, which I think is a quality detail. Wrist band is a separate piece, too.


Now this is interesting. I thought there was something wrong between his knees and his boots, with his shins sloping outwards and making it difficult to stand him up. And there was! There seems to be a factory error with all the figures, that they were put on backwards and on the wrong sides! Sheesh. Anthony’s Customs did a video about it, and it was a worthwhile and doable fix. Not an easy one, but he’s a much more enjoyable figure now.


Nice articulation on the legs, even without the ankles and the thigh-cut. There’s just nice easy rotation up there and he doesn’t need uber-poseability anyway.


But hmmm. That doesn’t work. The problem is really that the turtles were made too big: at least 6 inches tall, when the Turtles are shorties. The NECA ones would be better for scale.


Nice to have at least one bad guy though.

One more accessory is the base, without the wash Leo’s has.


Hope you enjoy the geeky photos!







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