NECA Robocop with Flamethrower

IMG_4397 2.JPG

This figure is a work of art.


He’s 7-inch scale and part of the 16-bit Robocop vs Terminator series – so once again I got lured away from my 1:12 preference by a poppin’ figure (see Deathstroke). I had passed on him at Retrospace in Auckland and then passed on him again at Wellington Comic Con, but I guess Wellington’s version of the event was so refreshing (Auckland’s annual ‘Armaggedon’ has thoroughly turned me off by its ginormous commercial oozings) that I wended my way down afterwards to Pulsar Max to make the purchase!


The paint job is amazing. I’m really glad I didn’t see the movie version first and buy that one. I never played NES but the colors and styling are beautiful, and he still just evokes Peter Weller’s awesome physicality in the first two films.

IMG_4375 2

The figure even feels nice: solid and cool around the upper torso, like it’s ceramic. They didn’t go so far as to pixelate Robo, but the blockishness of the highlights both convey the game heritage and offer a captivating stylization.


And this feature is just incredibly badass. It works well too, although it’s a little fiddly getting the gun out of there. It clips very snugly and the lever action works very well. One of the panels could come off and have to be snapped back on, but it hasn’t done that to me yet. The gun feels a little thin but he holds it well. His hands are beautiful too…sniff…it’s all just so beautiful


There’s a very slight difference in size between his arms and a little less range in his articulation on the right side, his gun firing arm. The shoulder motion is what it looks like, and there’s no bicep swivel. The glove cut is nice and again the plastic feels nice. Mmm, feels. 

IMG_4401 1

IMG_4402 1

Good thing I’d discovered the ‘flower’/close focus button on my camera by this photoshoot. Amazing sculpting. His foot pistons really go in and out with ankle movement. Knees are nicely ratcheted. Good waist twist. Lots of range in the diaphragm joint.


He’s got the bad ol’ Robocop hips, so you won’t be getting him sitting in any chairs. Hard to get around the character design, I suppose. He at least has a ball-joint inside there, rather than it being just a cut, so there is greater range of motion then there could have been. Reminds me of how frustrating the Robocop with jetpack of my childhood was, with those hips!

Heaps of movement in the neck joint.

IMG_4404 1

The other accessories are a bit lame, but hey, at least the giant flamethrower is painted. You know, like they actually care..ahem, Hasbro? Are you there, Hasbro?

IMG_4420 2

IMG_4422 1

Scrutinizing him while a re-watching of Robocop 2 (I really don’t like the first one), his proportions aren’t quite what they should be. But it evokes Weller in the suit, and that’s a cool accomplishment. Be careful when you choose yours that the nose is painted on straight!




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