Marvel Select Dr Doom

doom reaches

Marvel Select’s Dr Doom is the best Doom figure on the market. While Toybiz were around I could never understand how Marvel Select should even exist: inferior in scale, articulation, and even in sculpt, when quality sculpting was supposed to be their specialty. But along with a select few others, he justifies the line in my eyes.


He also comes with this sick base.

doom hood

And a sick sculpt. The cape is a soft rubber with etching and paint shading all over the back, showing that at least Diamond Select does care, despite falling short so often. It sits pretty decently on Doom and shades his awesome faceplate in an appropriately malefic manner. The etching and sculpt of the torso is the other most eye-catching area for me, achieving that Toybiz aesthetic of a character walking right out of a comic book, into the gritty real world.

doom glue hand

The arms have good articulation at the top of the bicep and the wrists, with the single joints at the elbow giving a right angle. The shoulder balls are pretty stiff but move enough for when his cape is on. The holster is pretty chunky and there’s no catch, but it’s painted nicely. He holds the gun okay. I bought mine secondhand thinking at $40 (NZD) it was worth a try and the hand somehow broke off right out of the packing. Much glue later, the wrist joint is fixed in a neutral, gun ready position. Right about that time I saw one for the same price in store. Doh!

doom legs

The legs are where Select return to form: T-joint hips, single joint knees and ankle hinges, not rockers. Pretty frustrating, but I since got used to it. Nice moulded-in lines and great sculpted metal feet. His proportions are a bit doll-ish, being too narrow and long, with his head a bit on the small side, esp. without the cape. THEY’RE NOT DOLLS

doom thinks

Love dat base. And he does look great just standing there. The Toybiz and Hasbro Dooms have much better articulation and the Toybiz one (way back in the second series) has a comparable paint job, but overall, this Doom just takes it. The Toybiz one has the early 60’s style mask that looks kind of like a goblin and the Hasbro one has those dumb feet and of course, NO paint.

doom is bigger

There is a slight major issue of scale.

doom iron man slap

And so my sub-collection of 7-inch scale grew.


My ever-loving Legends Thing and my impulse-buy Hasbro Thor are both bigger than they should be (according to the comics), and so they all fit well together.

thing on doomIMG_4498 1

He also comes with a goblet holding hand, which I think is cool.

IMG_4448 1

Oh yeah, and good range of motion in that little, gorgeously sculpted head.

Best Doom in the world!

doom global





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