DC Collectibles Arrow: Deathstroke

IMG_1356 (1)

I didn’t know I wanted this guy until I saw him in Minotaur (Melbourne). It’s an eye-catching piece for sure, and even though I couldn’t tell if he was 6 or 7 inch scale, I bought him. At 6.75 inches, he became my first 7 inch scale figure.


Really a lot of amazing, amazing detailing on this guy. I still haven’t caught up on the second season of Arrow, but to me it’s just a great real-world translation of the comic costume. The eye peeking out of there looks alive, and perfectly placed.


Front and back were given full attention to by the designers. Really great.


He is replete with accessories, including a tiny little knife that stores on the back of his belt, but I’ve misplaced it. He holds them variably well but you really have to work them into the hands. You couldn’t ask for more detailing on the weapons – wish I took a better photo – and the gun, especially, looks legit.


He can almost fit with DCUC figs because they’re a bit tall, like this Batman.

Badass figure. Total badass, with limited articulation. Good ankles, hips and he does have double-jointed knees. But without the thigh and boot rotation, he can’t do too many stances without looking weird. But I appreciate the dynamic pose he’s been set in.





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