Hi, I collect action figures! I never grew out of them, and can even remember the moment I thought “Hey, should what other people think really bother me? No. Yay, Toys!”.

I didn’t plan on becoming a collector, but ever since Spiderman Classics came out, and then Marvel Legends…DC Universe Classics….DC Collectibles Icons…..I’ve become conscious of the transience of such great products. My figure trigger’s got the twitch.

I’m no completist and am pretty critical over what I buy; I’m on the hunt for quality, – not novelty – old and new.

Having travelled quite a lot across the globe, my geek radar has been something to behold – I’ve scored stuff from a lot of different places and I kinda like sharing those stories.

So this blog is one part a personal collection platform, one part figure reviews, one part anecdote-sharing, all really just to indulge this interest of mine. Thanks, internet!



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