DC Collectibles Icons: Lex Luthor

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The bad guy section of my collection is getting better all the time…on a Marvel note, my last TradeMe haul was a grand total of 3 definitive villains: Green Goblin, Sabretooth and THANOS. Those are for another time…

Lex is a cool figure and as Series 2 came out the same time as Series 1, I picked him up in one fell swoop along with Flash, Green Arrow and Green Lantern. That’s quite a lot of green already (also meaning money GET IT?).


It was kind of just a typical Lex battlesuit for me, and reading the Forever Evil comics doesn’t really add much to enjoying the figure. There’s one scene where they kind of lampshade the fact that his head is completely exposed, but that doesn’t actually make it less stupid.

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His joints feel really great to move around, particularly in his legs. The moving pieces above his foot do restrict some movement up, but they can be removed. The texture on the boots is great and I think the chunkiness is a really nice aesthetic, reminding me of the feel All Star Superman had for some reason.

Because his joints are so supple it’s pretty frustrating that there’s no thigh cut. And I meant to include a photo of it, but looking in at the upper thigh ball joint reveals a lot of powdered plastic from the grind you get trying to max out the slight twist it gives you. I’m hoping that joint isn’t going to get a whole lot looser as a result. He’s not actually the easiest to stand up as it is.

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<Mega grandpa butt> I love the the simplicity of the design, with just coloured plastic and moulded lines making the bulk of his suit. His torso joint is nice, but hindered by the chest piece. Even with the waist bend he can’t go forward much. Going backwards isn’t a problem, and as he’s a real shorty in this incarnation, that’s a useful thing, for looking upwards.

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I like that Lex could be a short guy with a maniacal level of short-man syndrome. But against this DCUC Superman I think he’s in perfect scale. In certain lighting, the energy saw looks a bit like putty, but it is a cool accessory. The spike (I think mine came with one, unlike the official photos) stays on pretty good once you figure it out, and the wand thing is actually a lightening rod he uses to fight an Alexander Luthor or Captain Marvel or something. I didn’t like that comic.

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Against another guy-in-a-suit-of-armour, I feel the size could work. This is actually one of the largest Marvel Legends Iron Man figures (or at least one of the few to look like there could actually be a normal sized dude inside the suit) and he looks pretty good next to him.

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Next to this Hasbro Red Skull though, Lex’s evil bald head is pretty clearly off scale to the other evil baldie here. Part of that is that Hasbro Marvel Legends are mostly too big now according to their own original scale and another is that the Icons slot in best when their small heads aren’t uncovered.

That bald head is my only particular gripe about this figure. One of his shoulder pads needed regluing, but that’s easy. His head is painted in what feels like a very unfinished paint job, where every time I move it I feel like permanent stains are going to develop on his dome from oil and pressure. If he takes a nose dive, or gets brained in anyway, I think there’s going to be some damage done.

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